Your friendly wholesale source for
basket weaving and chair caning supplies

xenor_11 We carry sizes in stock ranging from 11/64” to 1” of:
  • flat
  • flat oval
  • oval oval
  • round
  • half round
  • dyed reed
  • smoked reed
  • sea rush
  • sea grass
  • cane webbing
  • chair cane
  • binder cane
  • Breuer chair frames, seat and back
Reed is available in 1 pound coils.
Chair cane and binder cane available in hanks or coils.
Webbing available in rolls.
We welcome special order inquiries on cut length rattan,
willow twigs or any other rattan product.

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To place an order or inquire, please contact us
phone: 914.245.1557
fax: 914.245.0226

We accept all major credit cards.

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